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Structural Integration
Not Massage

A Personal Memoir

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Structural Integration Is Not Massage A Personal Memoir Written by Dr. James Dohn C.H.P., D.C.

About The Book

This book and web site are my creations to share the enormous possibilities for anyone to take on their life, health and self-expression.  I have seen my patients regularly expand the quality of their lives.  Getting in touch with the magic, creative and self healing qualities of our bodies allows for the joy of fulfillment.  We are all born with this capacity for creativity and growth.  This book illustrates the amazing gift our attention can be in our lives; what we pay attention to grows.

This is so simple yet requires daily, disciplined focus and an appreciation for kinesthetic learning.  Kinesthetic learning is “hands-on”, literally “getting in touch” with yourself. This practice will develop trust, rapport and appreciation for the body’s healing and growing capacities.  Purchase the book, fully absorb it, then seek out a Structural Integration Practitioner in your neighborhood and begin the odyssey of inhabiting the miracle of creation that is your body.

“Structural Integration is Not Massage” is for anyone whose life and body feels out of balance. It is one man’s journey of discovering how to heal himself while learning to be a healing force for others using the tools and training of Structural Integration and Hellerwork. The book is filled with heart-tugging experiences, naked truths, and practical advice on how we can be human, which is as good as any of us gets. So join Dr. Jim on this journey and learn about gravity and how you, too, can benefit from releasing your fears, tapping into your authenticity, and becoming structurally integrated.

This book is an intimate account of the author’s personal journey of growth And healing.
Well worth reading.

Joseph Heller

What’s inside


Chapter One, Session One

“Inspiration” Hellerwork Structural Integration, The Training


Chapter Two, Session Two

Standing on Your Own Two Feet or Understanding


Chapter Three, Session Three

Reaching Out


Chapter Four, Session Four

Control and Surrender


Chapter Five, Session Five

“The Guts”, It Takes Guts to Feel


Chapter Six, Session Six

Holding Back

Chapter One,
Session One

Twenty-two students, four faculty, and Joseph Heller met at Westerbeke Ranch in Sonoma, California, to begin this new way of life.  What was promised was a professional career in helping people be healthy and fully self-expressed. The training is patterned after Ida Rolf’s original recipe for bodywork. Each of Ida’s 10 sessions has a specific physical intention, which of course, greatly affects the body, mind, and spirit. Joseph Heller added dialogue to the physical work and an 11th Session for completion. Otherwise, Hellerwork is the same as every other Structural Integration School. (They are all great.)

Session One is to balance the rib cage over the pelvis, to bring full movement to all parts of the chest and thoracic cavity, and to expand and facilitate breathing capacity. Inspiration is the medical term for breathing. The word comes from spiritus, the Latin word for spirit. In the early days of medicine, it was obvious that if someone was breathing, then some kind of spirit was providing the movement. Each culture has its own version of invisible power to explain this, but it is essentially the same notion throughout the world regardless of the words used to describe or label it. All people, when they die, cease to move, and this invisible power that moves us leaves or disappears or whatever. No one knows for sure what the whatever happens after death is either.

During life, however, all people breathe and will hold their breath when they are afraid. Once the danger has passed, then they may “breathe easy”.  Some of us spend most of our lives holding our breath in various ways. Some acceptance of a spiritual force that breathes us provides some sense of safety for us to breathe easier.

I started smoking cigarettes at age 11 and was still smoking when I began Structural Integration training.

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“You just can’t get a lot done in one lifetime.”

Ida P. Rolf, 1979

Dr James Dohn

“Dr. Jim Dohn has spent most of his life amassing and perfecting his abundant skill set. He lives his work. As a true believer in the role of structural integration, his bodywork rings true. Jim loves straight from the heart, and speaks from his soul. A real healer, I would say.”

Alice Billman, Structural Integration Practitioner

Dr. James Dohn has been on a life path of self-discovery. In his unending quest, he has helped others discover and uncover their healthier self. He helps his patients unwind and create space in their bodies which is directly connected to their psych-emotional bodies. He lives and breathes his quest for better health for himself and those he treats.

Vincent Carbaugh Sports Massage Therapist

“My time with Dr Jim, short as it was, released a large clot of anger and frustration in my system which was replaced by an overwhelming sensation of unconditional love for my father, and for everyone else for that matter. Thanks, Dr. Jim”

Carol Karels Author of The Revolutionary War  in Bergen County, Cooked, and Leonia

About the author.

Dr. James Dohn

Dr. James Dohn C.H.P., D.C. has an adventurous life that is accentuated and amplified by the process of Structural Integration. He served in Vietnam with the U.S. Marines; worked in the rock ‘n roll industry; trekked and climbed mountains, studied massage therapy, is a Yogi and Yoga teacher, been a hospice volunteer, studied a multitude of religious and life-enhancing practices. He is certified in Reiki, Hellerwork, Cynthia Lester energy work, Structural Integration and licensed Chiropractic care. He is a loving father, and grandfather; and a mentor to dozens of incarcerated persons and inner-city youth.

He’s grateful every day for the miracle of our ever-changing physical bodies, our rapidly expanding minds, and the always-loving presence of our spirits.

Dr. James Dohn C.H.P., D.C.

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